Chloe Smith
MP for Norwich North

Electric Vehicles

Author: Chloe Smith, Updated: 17 September 2021 16:37

Since the Government’s announcement to phase out the sale of new petrol and diesel vans and cars by 2030, plug-in electric vehicles now represent nearly one in seven cars sold.


Cars and vans currently represent around one fifth of UK carbon emissions. The Government want people across the country to have the opportunity to make the move to electric vehicles and for charging to be at least as easy as refuelling a petrol or diesel vehicle.


Currently there is over 25,000 public charge points and over 4,500 rapid chargers across the UK.


The Government have pledged £2.8 billion to support industry and drivers to make the switch to cleaner vehicles which includes up to £1 billion to help cement the UK’s leading position in the design and manufacture of zero emission vehicles; £1.3 billion to accelerate the roll out of charging infrastructure; and £582 million in grants has been announced for those buying zero or ultra-low emission vehicles, reducing the upfront cost to motorists making the switch. . These measures build on the UK car industry already manufacturing a significant proportion of electric vehicles in Europe, including one of the most popular models in the world.


Switching to zero emission vehicles will help us meet our emission targets, clean up the air our communities, creating healthier places to live and work, and unlock new green jobs right across the country.


The Government has published a Green paper on the new road vehicle CO2 emissions regulatory framework, which could include a zero emission mandate for manufacturers, so they sell an ever-increasing proportion of zero emission vehicles. They will also continue to work with international partners in the run up to COP26 on how to accelerate the pace of the global transition to zero emission vehicles. Later in the year an Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Strategy will be published to set out how the Government will work with industry and local stakeholders.


The Environment is one of my priorities for constituents in Norwich North and I welcome these measures as electric vehicles (EV) will play a crucial role in helping the UK to hit its ambitious, legally binding target to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. I will continue to support many environmental measures locally and nationally. (you can see more here: