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Privacy Policy

We take your individual privacy very seriously. We aim to ensure that this website meets and exceeds all relevant legal and regulatory requirements, including the Data Protection Act.

Any personal information collected via the website will be stored and processed exclusively for the purposes of  Chloe Smith.

No personal information you provide via this web site will be passed on to any third party, unless you sign a petition addressed to a third party. Your details will not be kept for longer than necessary.  Chloe Smith is the sole owner of any information we collect via the website.

Contacting you

If you provide your personal details we may use the information provided to contact you in relation to the specifics of your request.

If you submit contact details such as an email or postal address, Chloe Smith may use the information you have provided to contact you from time to time about issues we think you may find of interest. Some of the contacts may be automated. You can opt out of some or all contacts at any time by contacting us. Any email sent to you from this website will include a link to opt out of further contact automatically.

If you sign up to receive regular news and information by any means, you may cancel the receipt of such bulletins at any time. Personal details which you provide solely for the purpose of receiving news will not be used for any other purpose.


We may add online petitions to our site. Should you choose to sign a petition online, we will need to release some of your personal details to the petition’s addressee. We will not pass more details than are necessary, nor will we pass on your details to any other third party.


We may add online surveys to our site. If you choose to complete a survey, we may contact you regarding any answer you give to a question. We will store your responses to the survey.

Web site statistics

We use traffic analysis tools to analyse traffic on this website. These tools display aggregate data such as the total number of visitors and “hits” each day and their broad geographical location, popular search queries and which sites link to our site. We do not associate this data with any personally identifying information which you may choose to provide us.


This site may place a “cookie” on your personal computer. Cookies are short text files which are transferred between your computer and our server whenever you request a page on our web site. We use a cookie for the collection of anonymous, aggregate visitor traffic statistics and to identify you if you sign in to the site. This cookie is deleted when you close your browser. We also use a cookie to remember whether you have voted in an opinion poll and will use a cookie if you choose to remember your login on your current computer. These cookies are not deleted when you close your browser, but may be stored on your computer for up to 90 days. We do not save any personal information in any cookie. We do not access any information stored in cookies placed on your computer by other web sites.

You may stop or restrict the creation of cookies by modifying the settings in your web browser. This will not prevent you browsing the site but you will not be able to sign in.


If you have any queries about our privacy policy, or you are concerned that it has not been followed, please write to us at the address shown at the bottom of this page