Chloe Smith

£260 million in Life Sciences Funding

Author: Chloe Smith, Updated: 02 March 2022 10:05

Today the Government are announcing £260 million in Life Sciences Funding, to boost healthcare research and medical manufacturing as we support the industry to provide the best possible care for patients and generate high-skilled British jobs.

The pandemic has shown how important our medical and life science industries are in the UK – not only to respond to the pandemic but to create employment opportunities for British people.

That is why the Government are providing a £260 million boost to UK medical manufacturing and medical research – enabling research to better access NHS data through their Trusted Research Environments digital service – delivering research that will better enable the NHS to offer new life-saving treatments and tackle health inequalities that will improve patient care.

This funding will boost the UK’s position as a world-leading research centre and transform the health service to ensure the NHS continues to deliver improve patient care.

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